Boy Quotes


Sweet Boy#3–“How fast would the fastest-talking man in the world be on fast forward?”


Sweet Boy#2–Explains why we should watch a scary movie together–“Being scared is a joy to me.”


Sweet Boy#2–Explains why we need to purchase a new pet hen for him immediately– “I’m just going to get sicker and sicker until I get a pet…I think I’m getting where you have a hole in your stomach from worrying.”

Momma–“An ulcer?”

Sweet Boy#2–“Yes, an ulcer.”

In case you think I’m hard-hearted, believe me, I’ve tried to find a hen. But we have a local shortage of chickens for some reason and even the pound only has game hens…which do not make good pets. But we are praying about finding that special hen, or a new chick in the spring if it ends up taking that long. Since, Sweet Boy#2 is swinging back and forth between “I’ll never love again” and “I’m getting an ulcer” it is hard to say what would be best. We are trusting the Lord to know, and provide the hen before stomach damage occurs.


An older brother–While wrestling–“You need to see a therapist!”

Sweet Boy#3–“You need to see a poltergeist!”

The older brother–“Your face needs to see a poltergeist!!!”

One has to wonder: 1) Where did they learn the word poltergeist? 2) Do rampaging ghosts actually make quality therapists? And of course 3) How does one find a skilled poltergeist therapist for one’s face…if indeed such a professional is needed?



I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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