Author Bio


Well, as you may have guessed, my name is indeed Kristen Joy Wilks. I live in the beautiful woods of the Cascades at Camas Meadows Bible Camp with my camp director husband, three fierce sons, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog. I spent my misguided youth falling in love with Commander Spock via Star Trek reruns, being suspended upside down over a homemade pit filled with gardener snakes, and stampeding herds of elk while on horseback. Now most of my adventures consist of preventing my hubby from filling another wall of our dining room with board games, thwarting my 3 boys’ efforts to sneak their pet chickens onto the bunk beds whenever I turn my back to fold laundry, and trying not to trip over the throng of random teenagers that swarm our house to play all those board games. I can be found tucked under a tattered quilt in an overstuffed chair at 4:00am writing a wide variety of implausible tales or here at In case you are wondering just how beautiful the Cascade mountains are, I will include photographic evidence below.