Cheer on a young photographer

as she braves Yellowstone’s dangers

to save her Scottish terrier before he is

casually devoured or boiled to a crisp by one

of the parks many natural wonders.


Join a purse dog bravely trekking  across a glacier.



Try not to laugh as a young sculptor is

dragged through a decorative fountain

by a 150 pound dog.



Do the perils of Siberia

and the antics of pet wolves

intrigue you?


Have you imagined what might befall

a bridal designer and taxidermist

who must preserve a deceased cat

in a pleasing and artistic manner while

handcuffed and chased by villains?



What a coincidence, me too!

      Kristen Joy Wilks

“One of the best books I’ve ever read.

I haven’t laughed so hard over a book

in eons—if ever. Thank you for the

pleasure and enjoyment of your fine writing.”

— Marilyn Rhoads, Cascade Contest Co-Chair

and OCW President concerning Athens Ambuscade


“Take a walk on the wild side. Well as wild as

a mathematically minded teacher can be.

Spider Gap is a sweet romance full of adventure

and humor. Add in some sixth graders,

a purse-sized dog, and a hunky trail guide

and the fun never stops as two very different

people find a way to meet in the middle.”

 – Cynthia Hickey, author of The Shady Acres Mystery series.