Greetings. As you can see from a careful reading of the top bar, my name is Kristen Joy Wilks. I live with my Camp Director husband, three fierce little boys, and an enormous slobbery dog at a beautiful Bible camp in the Cascade Mountains.
You, my web wandering friend have managed (through no fault of your own) to stumble upon my ill-considered attempt to jump into the frightening world of “big girl writing”.
After cowering within the anonymity of long distance writing courses, after stealthily working on my manuscript since September of 2003, I will now foolishly set the tale before you. I shall polish and query and risk the chance that every single breathing human that encounters my work is lured into hibernation by my mediocre prose.
Why? What on earth would compel an intelligent human being to leave herself open to the likely possibility of soul squelching defeat? I think the answer is obvious, unregulated toxins deep within the dark and deadly depths of our family's supply of gummy vitamins. But nonetheless, whatever the cause of this unprecedented behavior, you should know that you stand at the threshold of a dream.
And therefore, please click appropriately.
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Even if you choose to click "wrongly," may God bless your journey.
In His Hands,
Kristen Joy Wilks